grant writing final project

Assignment: Final Project: Writing the Grant – Final Submission
Incorporating the cumulative feedback you have received from your Instructor, compile these Assignments into your grant proposal:

Needs Statement, Goals, and Objectives
Methodology and Evaluation Plans
Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability Plan

For this Assignment:

Review the Final Project Guidelines provided in this week’s Learning Resources.
Review your RFP. Keep in mind as you complete your grant proposal that you are writing, as much as possible, to reflect the requirements and focus of the RFP.

Note: If any of the Assignments required in this course are not required in your RFP, they are nevertheless to be included in your Final Project submission.
Review feedback you have received from your Instructor on Parts 1–3 of the Final Project. Incorporate this feedback as appropriate or desired into the final product.
The Assignment: 10–15 pages (do not include the APA reference list in your page count)
Compile the following into your grant proposal:

Title Page
Part 1: Needs Statement, Goals, and Objectives
Part 2: Methodology and Evaluation Plans
Part 3: Budget, Budget Narrative, Sustainability Plan
Reference Page

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