Grant Administrative and resource development assginment3

Problem statements should provide evidence of a problem or issue that exists in a given population.
This is a two-part assignment:
First, complete the Statement of Problem Questionnaire. You can use the electronic version and save with your answers filled in or you can submit a separate answer sheet.
Next, use this information to write the Problem Statement. See the example on pages 34-35.
Remember, use the book only as a guide. All worksheets and written submissions NEED to contain great amount of details where appropriate. One or two sentence responses in worksheets will likely result in a poor grade, so include lots of details.

*Read step 3 in your text. Review the sample problem statement in the workbook and those contained within the sample proposals.

Module 3 note
Writing an effective problem statement is essential to the grants proposal. This is often called the statement of problem. This basically explains WHY you want to do the project. It should convince the funder that there is a community need for your program. In order to make a compelling case, you must explain objectively;

Why the issue is occurring
How you know it is occurring (data and sources of information)
Describe the target population
What are the outcomes because of these issues (lack of housing,inadequate water, etc.)
Why your organization can address this issue
What changes do you expect because of your organization’s project

This convincing argument must paint a picture that will convince the funder that not only there is a need for the project, but that your organization is the best fit for the challenge.
When writing the problem statement, it is essential to stay focused and not bring up problems that your organization is not going to change. Many grant writers go on tangents and it become unclear just what the problem is and how the organization plans to change it. 
The problem should relate to the mission of your organization. This will help explain why your organization is the best fit for the job. For example, let’s say your organization’s mission is “to provide affordable and quality health care services for young adults”. The grant’s problem statement can explain that 40% of the youth in your community are not receiving affordable and quality health care because there is not enough providers.This will collaborate your missions. Now, tie the interests of the funding organization into the problem statement.

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