Graduate Student Success quiz 8

There are changes that occur when transitioning from an undergraduate to a graduate student.  These changes occur in how a student thinks, reads, and learns. 
Select TWO of these areas (mention them), and explain at least one change per area. Contrast the graduate practices with undergraduate practices to illustrate the change.

Much of graduate work requires writing.  You are writing a paper, and you want to incorporate the following information into your paper: “Having a quiet space to take an online final exam can result in a grade that is 15% higher than if the student had taken the exam in a noisy environment.”  The paper that the information was from was written by Josiah Mooch in 2017.  The information is on page 16.

Provide the proper in-text APA citation for a direct quote of that information.
Provide the proper in-text APA citation for a paraphrase of that information.
Arnez read the article and put it away.  He wrote about it from his memory and included the information about exam grades being 15% higher if students take the exam in a quiet space.  Does Arnez need to cite this information?  Why or why not?

Provide a reference page citation for the journal article.  The information is:

Year of publication:  2018
Issue 5
Author:  Ellie Anne Freeman
Volume 6
Journal of Responsibility
Title:  Why Sleep is Important to Graduate Students
Pages 12-17.

Amy is studying leadership styles of managers.  Her research question is “Do leadership styles make a difference?” She submitted her research question to her professor for approval, and her professor returned it.  The comments from the professor indicated that Amy needs to spend more time developing her research question.  Amy is confused.
Critique Amy’s research question.  What is wrong with the question?  How can it be improved?  Provide an example of a good research question with Amy’s idea as the basis.

 There are different types of research.  Explain the difference between quantitative and qualitative research. Explain at least one strength and one weakness that is associated with each of these categories of research. 

 Explain the concept of professionalism.  What does it mean to be a professional in your chosen field? 

 Explain one way that ethical considerations impact research in your field. 

 Explain the difference between a personal brand and a resume/CV.  Illustrate this difference by sharing your personal brand statement and something that is found on your resume or CV. 

 Name and describe one tool that can be beneficial for a team project in the online environment.  How is that tool helpful? 

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