Government role in Retirement Homes and Senior Care

Government role in Retirement Homes and Senior Care. Seniors often choose to leave the home they have been living in for years to settle in a retirement home. One of the advantages of the decision is that retirement homes have a social atmosphere and their goal is to make sure the residents get to interact with each other as well as the staff. Notably, as people age, they sometimes become disengaged and lonely which has negative effects on their wellbeing.  Maintaining a home as one gets older becomes risky and a massive hassle hence choosing to settle in a retirement home is beneficial. On the other hand, demand for a retirement home is expected to grow in the future as a result of increasing life expectancy (Holzhey, p1). Notably, retirement homes consist of home health care, independent living apartments, and other services common for older people. Considering that the federal government is responsible for the well-being of all American’s it has passed regulations that ensure retirement homes offer comprehensive care to seniors and developed programs that facilitate their well-being.

Government role in Retirement Homes and Senior Care

The federal government has formulated laws to ensure senior citizens living in retirement homes are protected from neglect and abuse. These laws address several issues such as privacy, health, and security (Nursing Home Abuse Guide). Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 requires all retirement homes which are also called nursing homes to ensure every person staying within the facility receives the best possible care and their well-being is given a priority (Nursing Home Abuse Guide). If the facility fails to follow the law, it not only loses funding from Medicaid and Medicare but also licenses that permit its operation. Additionally, the federal law allows a patient of their family to file a complaint if the stuff has failed to deliver care. Moreover, the patient or family members also have the right to take legal action if the facility fails to address a complaint or show a sign of neglect.

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