Golf Industry

This cost may not include a cart at the point of purchase. It is also mentioned that private club golfer spend $2057 annually while public golfer spend an annual $634 (Betide 1996). This is also being a huge reason for membership decline, costs. Private club memberships have been on a downwards slope as high as 13%. Some memberships have reached a point of a 29% decline (Betide 1996). The biggest reason for the membership decline was mentioned above, cost. People Just don’t want to spend high amounts of money for the recreational sport.
With cost comes action, members are not wanting to commute long distances. People are also investing more in their families. This means golfers have less time to go spend hours at a golfer course, so they drop their membership. Just like any other sport, golf requires equipment. This could include clubs, shoes and any other clothing accessory such as hats or gloves. According to 2013 retail sales, shoes are up 8% and irons increased by 4% compared to the boom of 2012 Golf Industry By glutton most profitable company when it comes to golf (Golf Industry 2013).
If you have heard about golf, you have heard about Tailored. Reported in August 2013, Tailored report sales were up by 2% estimating a $1. 012 billion golf equipment and accessory company (Golf Industry 2013). With that being said, throughout the recent recessions total equipment sales for the first six months of 2013 was $1. 41 billion compared to 2012 when sales were $1. 44 billion (Stints 2013). Golfing equipment may be taking a slight hit in sales, but this small decrease should not affect equipment as a whole. Bibliography Betide, Joseph.

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