globalization impact on poverty around the world

globalization impact on poverty around the world. Reducing barriers to international trade as a result of globalization. it has helped many countries to develop at a pace much faster than they otherwise could have. International trade contributes today significantly to the economic growth of a nation. and in turn the economic growth, influenced by exports, is the central component of the economic policy of a state that leads to improving the lives of millions of people, the development of each nation.


Proponents of globalization deemed that this phenomenon always mean progress. For many other authors, the widening disparities between the rich and the poor are much more profound than the benefits of globalization. reason for which it is considered “an attack on democracy and welfare.” Thus, the critics of globalization accuse the West of hypocrisy and somehow we think that they are right. they forced poor countries to eliminate most trade barriers, but they continued in most cases to apply them.

Moreover, in these circumstances, countries with lower levels of development have been unable to export surplus of their agricultural production. often the only economic activity – and to reduce the trade deficit and payments. Moreover, when setting the priorities of globalization, it has been found that poor countries have a much lower benefit compared with major global players.

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