Globalization: Causes and Consequences
Reflect on this week’s resources and your own experience with the economic causes and consequences of globalization. Integrate the findings of two scholarly articles to connect your experience within a broader context. Compare and contrast your experience with your findings. Be sure to connect your findings to how globalization has impacted you (whether it be through an employment, economic, community, or some other area of your life

Required References
Beautiful Mind. (2005, October 11). Wal-Mart: The high cost of low price [Video file]. New York, NY: Retail Project L.L.C. Retrieved fromWalmart The High Cost Of Low Price (Links to an external site.)
Fadi-BNZE-HD. (2014, March 14). Full documentary no logo brands, globalization and resistance [Video file]. Retrieved from No Logo Brands, Globalization and Resistance (Links to an external site.)
*Study guide,
Ford School. (2011, March 11). @fordschool – Paul Krugman: Reflections on Globalization: Yesteryear and today[Video file]. Retrieved from[email protected] – Paul Krugman: Reflections on Globalization: Yesteryear and Today (Links to an external site.)
PBS Newshour. (2014, August 20). ‘Factory Man’ explores human side of how globalization affects U.S. industry [Video file]. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)
Walmart. (n.d.). Community giving.
Recommended References
International Monetary Fund. (n.d.). Key issues: Globalization. Retrieved from
World Affairs Council: Nor Cal. (2006, October 6). Making globalization work Joseph Stiglitz [Video file]. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)
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