Global marketing paper

P lease select an existing, real local (small or medium sized) company from the area where you live (South Florida), for your convenience. It should be a company that you believe either has chances of expanding in a foreign market (export, franchising, direct investment…) example an American manufacturer of watches might want to expand to a country in Latin America and has different possibilities for this: find retailers there (export), e-commerce and ship the products from the U.S…. . Please select a company where you think you can have access to information, either because they have a very good website or especially because you think you can contact directly business owners or managers. 

Select a country where you think the business should market/sell its products/services. Analyze the key characteristics of the country (economic, social, cultural, political and legal indicators).
Analyze the current situation of the company: products, customers, competitors.

Develop communication objectives that refer to what the firm seeks to accomplishwith its promotional program.

Determine the foreign target market (consumer segments) and how the company can effectively communicate with customers in the target market.
Develop the Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy for the foreign market: the most in and detailed part of the work. Decisions have to be made regarding the role and importance of each IMC tool and their coordination with one another. You do not need to use all these tools. However, you need to be as concretes possible regarding how you plan to communicate with your foreign target market through each of these tools and what adaptation and changes will have to be made to the domestic communication strategy in place.
Advertising message and media strategy and tactics
Direct marketingmessage and media strategy and tactics
Interactive/Internet Marketing message and media strategy and tactics
Sales promotion message and media strategy and tactics
Public relations/publicity strategy and tactics
Personal selling– sales strategyand tactics

The paper must be 8 to 10 pages

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