You are a city councilperson interested in creating a proposal for a Future Climate Change Protection Plan for your city. You wish to create a plan that is customized to the specific region of the US your city is located, and you’ve noticed that the most recent National Climate Assessment (NCA) has released a report that describes the current and near future expectations for climate change impacts for each major region within the US, and you feel this NCA document would be a good start to build upon for your Plan. 
Be sure to answer or provide materials for each of the listed items below. Each of these listed items should have its own section in your  report. 
1. Choose a region from the NCA to focus on for this report and pick either a real city that exists within that region or a fictional city of your creation. Use the information from that region to provide the data and details you need for your own report. 
2. Create a report to put forward through the City Council that includes the following:
a. General future outcomes and impacts your city can expect to experience (or have already experienced) due to climate change (e.g. if you pick the Inland Northwest, sea level rise will not really be a focus of your plan, rather it might be something like wildfires or drought)
b. Specifically addresses how you expect vulnerable communities in your city and greater region to be impacted
c. Provides a plan for improved nonrenewable resource efficiency (e.g. fossil fuels, water, etc.) for your city in a future of expected population growth and increased global temperatures. This can be anything! I 
d. Includes a section that describes how you plan to educate local citizens on your plan that fits the intended audience. 
3. Share your report and plan with someone you know (e.g. a neighbor, a parent or roommate…it can be anyone!) and provide a general description of their response or feedback. Given this initial testing of your report and plan, do you expect it to be successful passing through City Council, and/or do you foresee any future hiccups or roadblocks along the way? 
  The report should be 2 pages double spaced with 1” margins. Please use Times New Roman, size 12 font. Please include a reference list (any formatting style is fine) that includes all outside sources you used in the report.
  due after 16 hours.  

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