THE COMMON PATTERNS THAT I SAW ON MY GENEOGRAM AND HOW IT AFFECT WHO I AM TODAY Upon making and completing my Geneogram, the first thing that I got to realize is that I am really lucky with my family. We might not have a lot of professionals just like other families but no one in our family, whether mother or father side has any mental issues or any addictions to anything. Also, there are no bitter misunderstanding within our family that might have resulted to any conflicts.
Another common pattern that I saw is the common profession in our family. It is either engineering or nursing. This might explain as to why I chose engineering as a profession. It is visible that It is the common profession being practiced in our family. Another significant pattern that is visible is the number of children each of my Tito/Tita have. No one from any of my Tito/Tita has a number of children greater than three. This might explain why my mother and father only had two children of their own.
Also, another pattern that is visible is the age in which my cousins had children. My geneogram results shows that no one from my cousins became a parent before the reach 25. This might also in a way explain as to why I still don’t have children of my own today. THINGS TO HEAL / CHANGE IN MY GENEOGRAM PATTERNS Even though my geneogram is quite a normal, good geneogram of a normal family, there is one area of improvement that I saw. There might be little areas to heal or I wanted to change.

That area is that we do not have a pattern our family that has a leadership or entrepreneurial background. Most of my family’s pattern shows that most of us became professionals. That might not be a bad thing for others, but it might be for me because I wanted to have my own business someday and if I were to look at my family’s geneogram there is no significant pattern that shows me that there is a leadership or entrepreneurial pattern. So I cannot get the said skill anywhere within my family.
But to clear things up, I love my family, I don’t want to change anything and I don’t want to give it up for anything in the world but just of academics sake, if I were to choose an area for improvement, I think that will be it. HOW CAN MY ANSWERS ABOVE HELP ME BECOME A LEADER IN MY WORKPLACE? Now that I have seen that what are the patterns and areas of improvement from my geneogram, more specifically the family members that does not have leadership skills. This might explain why I also lack leadership qualities in my office.
I was offered on many occasions, from my previous and present work, to have an opportunity to be promoted and handle people. But I turn down those opportunities because deep in my heart I think that I am afraid to take the lead because I don’t have the said background from my family and does not feel comfortable leading people. And upon doing this geneogram, I got to realize that yeah, I am afraid to lead people because no one in my family taught me that skill. And I think for me is the greatest area of improvement for myself and my career.

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