Gender Roles and Sexuality Assignment

Gender Roles and Sexuality Assignment

This is especially true among progressive parents who feel “gender-autonomous parenting” grants their children more freedom for autonomy and freedom from the gender biases which might otherwise plague them from infancy. You will need your scholarly articles, the textbook, and two videos. Some sample articles to help you understand this topic is Theybies: Raising Alienated Babies (Links to an external site.) Meet the Theyby Babies (Links to an external site.) Raising Theybie (Links to an external site.)

1. Discuss the topic of raising children as neither boys nor girls.

2. Analyze the difference between the two viewpoints. Describe both sides of the parenting/rearing in your paper. Then support one side with educational reasons that you can cite.

3. Discuss how the familial, psychological, educational, social, and media influences, and developmental stages impact the child. An example would be Kohlberg’s cognitive theory, Money and Ehrhardt’s biosocial theory, and Martin and Halverson’s gender-schema theory, to name a few theories that are in our textbook. Areas to also discuss are social acceptance, education, non-acceptance, etc.

4. Choose a minimum of two scholarly articles (journals), the textbook, and two videos (not mine) that are considered educational. Use the library section of canvas to research some scholarly articles. TikToks are not considered educational for this paper and will not earn you points.

5. Make sure that you check the rubric, too.


Topic was thoroughly introduced.

Content for both viewpoints were strong, meaningful, and respectful using the developmental theories, and chosen issues (inclusion, exclusion, etc. )

Support of one viewpoint was meaningful.