Gender differences in school discipline

Gender differences in school discipline. Are boys and girls treated differently for the same violations?

  • School discipline
  • Data
  • Compare serious and unserious Violations committed by boys and girls in a school setting.
  • Don’t compare the punishment if the violations are different from each other.
  • Compare the consequences of the same violations committed by girls and boys in a school.

Research paper Format important information (All the information below can be found on the file that was uploaded) = Please read the file.

  • APA style
  • At least ten sources, FIVE of which MUST be academic.
  • The completed assignment is assembled in the following order: Cover Sheet, followed by the Abstract, then the Introduction, the Body, the Conclusion, and finally the References.
  • The title page, abstract, and references are considered supporting documents and DO NOT count towards the page/word count.
  • The abstract is a summary of your summary: Is limited to a MAXIMUM of 300 words.
  • The body, has several subsections, two at a minimum, the literature review, and the findings. The literature review, typically 3 and 1/2 to 5 pages, is your interpretation and summary of previous writing on the topic.

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