Gender and Sex Worksheet Critical Analysis

What is gender? Gender is the state of being a man or a woman (male, female or intersex), it does not matter what an individual looks like on the outside. Our gender identity is our inner most feelings about sex and gender. We define masculinity and femininity because of our culture even our background. Gender is a social way of life, could be measured by activities that our society deems to be appropriate for women and men. A simple test is how a person could see themselves to be, who they really are?(Gender/ Social, Femininity and Masculine)
What is sex in biological terms? Our sex refers to the biological, social and legal status. It is common to get the two mixed up- distinction rather than definition; distinguished by the other; gender and sex that is, sex is biological in a physical term. (Male/Female –Sex- Biological). Are gender and sex the same thing? Gender and sex are not the same; they can often be used one in the same. Explain why or why not?
Let’s look at a transgender have a gender identity that at times becomes a conflict for example; an individual who is not in black and white, not a standard of course on our society or community outlook. A certain way a man and women should conduct themselves but find themselves trapped because of it, born female or male at birth but do not feel like it inside, they may feel they do not fit in or belong to either, biological sex between men and women. How do gender and sex contribute to the concepts and constructions of masculinity and femininity?

According to the plan Parenthood Federation of Culture in America Inc (2013) Culture determines gender? What it means to be man or woman in regards to femininity or masculinity. Gender and sex does not help with the making of masculinity or femininity but our culture can play a significant role. Do our concepts of gender and sex contribute to the way we embrace gender and sex in diversity? Yes, sex and gender could contribute to the way we can perceive or embrace our concept in diversity. My understanding is we tend to see men as a tough, masculine and brave just because they are men.
Now women on the other hand we do not see them to be tough but gentle, soft and emotional but this is not always the case. Do our concepts of gender and sex contribute to our understanding of sexual orientation? Yes, it could be that our concept or understanding does play a significant role when it comes to gender and sex because we have lots of information that aids us in making a decision regardless of what we choose or our preference. Gender and sex are two concepts that are connected to one another. Reference

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