Gender and Employment on women

Gender and Employment on women. The movement of women into new fields of work appears liberating, until the continuing difference between men’s and women’s wages is examined. The earnings gap between men and women has not gone away, although it has continued to narrow, with women working more hours, and for the first time men’s incomes have stagnated especially among the young adults (White & Rogers, 2000). Gains in economic status in the last decade were unequally distributed, with most increases going to the top 20% and declines being found in the lower two quintiles. Some of the difference may be attributable in the United States to women, with only one-third of the difference being explained by type of past job experience and seniority and with young women who have children having about a 7% additional penalty (Budig & England, 2001). While most women with children work outside the home, many religious and social groups do not support this trend (Haas, 1999).

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