fundamental motivation to form relationship

fundamental motivation to form relationship. fundamental motivation to form and maintain positive relationships. Baumeister and Leary (1995) argued that we have a fundamental motivation to form and maintain positive relationships. So fundamental is the need to belong that deprivation of belongingness is associated with undesirable psychological consequences such as the experience of loneliness.


Since the publication of Baumeister and Leary’s (1995) seminal paper, we have seen theproliferation of smartphones and online social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Online social networking offers an unprecedented opportunity to easily connect with many others, and so might satisfy belongingness needs and reduce loneliness. But perhaps online relationships are an inadequate substitute for the real thing.


  • Discuss the importance of belongingness (reference Baumeister & Leary here).
  • Define belongingness. State how
  • Crucial to mention the importance of Baumeister & Leary’s work in intro.
  • Briefly mention that their work has been very influential (the question described their paper as ‘seminal’.
  • Remember to use key words from the question in your essay to really strengthen your arguments).
  • Introduce the idea that social networking & media has now proliferated and then link it to belongingness (the era of online relationships)
  • End the intro with “this essay seeks to critically evaluate….. “

Structure of body paragraphs will depend on the evidence you find. If you find evidence that mostly supports one side, make sure that the evidence in your paragraphs support this but also have 1 paragraph for any evidence that refutes (even if its very little evidence.

If theres substantial evidence for both sides,

do 1st paragraph for evidence supporting the concept, next paragraph for not supporting, etc.

Your body paragraphs should include studies and how they support the theories so what they did in their study, methodological information, & what they found.

*make sure to note the important points Baumeister & Leary made (but only where relevant. Your essay is not about Baumeister & Leary’s paper but rather a staple piece of literature that has defined what is needed to maintain positive relationships. If you find evidence that refutes what they found & also involves social networking then include that point): e.g.:

“More precisely, the belongingness hypothesis is that human beings have a pervasive drive to form and maintain at least a minimum quantity of lasting, positive, and significant interpersonal relationships. Satisfying this drive involves two criteria: First, there is a need for frequent, affectively pleasant interactions with a few other people, and, second, these interactions must take place in the context of a temporally stable and enduring framework of affective concern for each other’s welfare.”

  • Think about whether the tool of social networking used to maintain relationships satisfies Baumeisters & Leary’s second criteria of maintaining quality interpersonal relationships.

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