function of body system and their roles

function of body system and their roles. We are only covering part of the body systems this quarter, so your paper should cover the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, and endocrine systems. Start by describing the normal function of each of these systems, then identify common pathology related to each system, analyze and discus how pathology relates to the interaction of body systems, and finally describe implications for treatment related to pathology. Define what homeostasis is, then discuss the implications for disease and disability when it is not maintained. Towards the end of your paper, compare body structure and function across the life span, i.e., what changes take place in these body systems throughout the life span. (This is only a suggestion for structuring the topics of your paper; as long as you address each of the six objectives and five body systems listed above, you can arrange and organize your paper however you’d prefer.) Topic is cancer and sepsis

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