frequency histograms

  • frequency histograms
  • What is the most precise correct statement that you can make about the numerical value of the median of the data from source 2? Do not explain your answer. Hint: Here is a correct statement: The median is between 0 and 20. This statement is not precise enough to receive any credit.
  • The mean and median of Al’s n = 3 observations both equal 10. The mean and median of Bev’s n = 5 observations both equal 18. (a) Carol combines Al’s and Bev’s data into one collection of n = 8 observations. Can the mean of Carol’s data be calculated from the information given? If you think not, just say that. If you think it can, then calculate Carol’s mean. (b) Refer to part (a). Demonstrate, by an explicit example, that there is not enough information to determine Carol’s median. Hint: Find two sets of data sets that satisfy Al’s and Bev’s conditions, yet, when combined, give different medians.
  • Among the possibilities 1.50, 2.00 and 2.50, which is the numerical value of s for the data from source 1? Explain your answer. (c) Among the possibilities 1.00, 1.50 and 2.00, which is the numerical value of s for the data from source 2? Explain your answer.

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