Framework gaps and challenges in healthcare system’s interoperability and integration

Framework gaps and challenges in healthcare system’s interoperability and integration


The title can be a working title in that it can be changed at a later date. It should convey the
the essence of the proposed work.
2) Introduction
This section should provide a brief introduction to the proposed research. It should explain
why it is important to undertake this research, in terms of the field of study involved and
anticipated benefits to the wider community.


Research Question(s) or objectives

The research questions or research objectives are broad statements of the goals of the research.
They are directly related to the gaps in existing knowledge identified in the previous section. The
objectives would cover what the research is attempting to find out.
In qualitative research proposals, the research objectives might be sufficient to provide a
conceptual framework for the study. However, in studies that are quantitative in nature, the
candidate might be expected to develop hypotheses to be examined in the study.


Background/Literature Review


The background section should be a brief review of the existing research leading to the research
question. It will contain the most recent leading peer-reviewed research in the discipline/topic
being proposed. The background will identify a specific purpose for the conduct of the research.
The background will clearly identify gaps in existing knowledge as well as outline why the
research is important and should be conducted.


Theoretical framework


The theoretical framework is sometimes called the conceptual framework and describes the
theories or concepts to be covered or addressed in the research. The framework is often presented
as a diagram and includes a depiction of the variables to be examined and their hypothesized
relationships to each other.
6) Research Methodology

The section provides the information by which a study’s validity is judged. Therefore, it requires
a clear and precise description of how the research will be performed, and the rationale for why
specific experimental procedures were chosen. This section should describe what will be done to
answer the research question, describe how it will be done, justify the experimental design, and
explain how the results will be analyzed.