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Here is the form I suggest.
1. Cover sheet.  All submissions in PH 1010 should have a cover sheet.  The coversheet should state the assignment, student info, a title expressing your main idea, an image expressing your main idea.  (Message:  your paper should have a unifying main idea).
2. Paragraph 1: Identify who you think is wise and why.  Your thesis or main idea should go here.
3. Paragraph 2.  Identification.  Who?  Where?  Your contact with the person?
4. Paragraph 3 or paragraphs 3-5.  Three reasons why this person is wise
5. In #4, you should have at least two specific, concrete examples: “Last week on June 6, President Trump showed wisdom when he spoke of the heroes of D-Day…”
6. Brief conclusion.  “In summary….”
 A few photos for context.
Take your time with this assignment and submit a polished, thoughtful, and brilliant paper.  Grading will be fair—but rigorous.  We want to maintain high standards in Philosophy.
You may write in the first person if you wish.  Show your personality—use wit, sarcasm, irony, joy, passion etc.  Who are you?  

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