formal paper (Politics of Economic)

 I will attach the reading for the class to help you writing the paper and  what’s the professor need on the paper.  

This is a formal paper (you are writing for the President) so I expect that you will use vigorous writing and proper format with in-text citations or foot-notes, bibliography or “Works Cited” page, as appropriate to one of the following formats: MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, or APA. No other formats will be accepted.  Be careful to avoid plagiarism by citing all sources, whether electronic, written, or lecture-based.  Your grade will reflect whether or not you have used a particular research format correctly .


 “The liberal international order established by the United States in the wake of WWII, has done more in the past 70 years to facilitate multilateral cooperation than any at any other time in world history. During this time, the US promotion of this rules-based order has developed in tandem with its status as the leading proponent of globalization.

However, US president Donald Trump has been a vocal opponent of this order, arguing that other countries profit from this order at the US’ expense. In the process, both on the campaign trail and serving as chief executive, Donald Trump has consistently sought to reach his constituents through appeals to economic nationalism as he promotes US retrenchment from the liberal order. 

We’ve discussed in class how the US, through its hegemonic leadership of the liberal international order, has had to bear to costs of providing public goods to the system. 
However, the order’s longevity suggests that the US has also benefited from this order as well. As you prepare to write your paper, dig into the assigned readings to consider 
the costs vs. the benefits facing the US as it currently considers abdicating its leadership role.  What are some the costs that the US has to bear to maintain the order? (many of these are explicit in the reading) How does it benefit from doing so? (this may require some thinking on your part about earlier readings in the course as these things may only be implicit in the last section’s readings).   

For this paper, students will assume the role of “Special Advisor to 
The President ”.  Students will write a 10-12 page, double-spaced policy paper that analyzes the causes of retrenchment from the liberal international order, assesses the extent to which this retreat will affect US interests in the world and lays out suggestions (at least 3) for policies to address overcoming the legitimacy problem associated with global economic integration. 

Other things to think about: 
nationalism vs. globalization
protectionism (closure) vs global integration (openness) 

What are some positive examples of integration through globalization? 
What are some negative examples of integration through globalization? 

How have these dynamics affected people in the developing world?
In the developed world? 

Who specifically has supported globalization? 
Who has opposed these forces ? 
What does this opposition look like within countries? 
How do we legitimize globalization going forward?  

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