Forensic Pathologist Career Description

FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST * Correct Name of the Career The full name for a Forensic Pathologist is a Forensic Pathologist. * Education and Training Requirements To become a Forensic Pathologist you will need about 13 to 15 years of college. All this includes four years of college to earn a bachelor’s degree in any major and completing course requirements for medical school. Second, you would need 4 years to earn a M. D. or D. O. Next, there is 4-5 years of practicing forensic pathology. Also you would need one year fellowship in forensic pathology.
This means that they would put their training into the real world and work there jobs. After residency you must pass the test and receive a certificate as a certified Forensic Pathologist. * Responsibilities and Daily Activities The main job of a Forensic Pathologist is to find the cause of the death, what caused the malfunction of the body, and to make autopsy reports. They do this by collecting and examine blood, tissue and DNA samples. They also investigate the scene where the victim died and make hypothesis based on the surroundings.
Forensic Pathologist could also make hypothesis based on your health and living conditions of the victim. The work hours are usually 40 hours a week with weekends off. It mostly depends on the office you work at. * Salary Range The salary range for a Forensic Pathologist is $28,505-$226,321. The pay depends on the amount of experience and where you work. Pathologist in private offices would get paid a little higher compared to federal offices. * Documentation of Sources (2008). Forensic Pathologist. ONLINE] Available at: http://explorehealthcareers. org/en/Career/129/Forensic_Pathologist#Tab=Overview. [Last Accessed 28 August 2012]. S. E. Smith (2012). For Medical Students, What Does Residency Mean?. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. wisegeek. com/for-medical-students-what-does-residency-mean. htm. [Last Accessed 28 August 2012]. (2012). Forensic Pathologist Salary . [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. payscale. com/research/US/Job=Forensic__Pathologist/Salary. [Last Accessed 28 August 2012]. (2009). Hours and Working Conditions . ONLINE] Available at: http://www. forensicpathologist. com/. [Last Accessed 28 August 2012]. * Self Reflection I would enjoy this career because I enjoy solving mystery and it isn’t a job where you write reports all day, there is work that actually means something. I could collect tissue and blood samples and observe the body to find the cause of death. Also, the pay is really good. The only thing that is bad for me it would take a really long time for certification. It would take 13-15 years after high school to get certification.

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