Forensic biology week2

Part I
Click here for a diagram of the human skeleton. For this portion of the assignment, you must fill in the correct anatomical names for each of the major bones in the body. On a document of 1–2 pages, provide brief descriptions of each of the identified bones.
Part II
A forensic laboratory is responsible for examining any unidentified skeletal remains provided from a crime scene and trying to recreate the identity of a person by using those skeletal remains. One of the major structures used to identify victims from a crime that have left them unable to be recognized or unidentifiable is the skull. It is important to know that teeth are embedded in the skull and that muscles are attached to the skull.
A forensic team was sent to a fire that occurred in a warehouse. Initially, the firemen said that the building was empty, but on the final walk-through of the building, they discovered what appeared to be burned human remains. The forensic team gathered all of the burned victim’s bones, tissue, and other pieces of clothing and took them to the laboratory for investigation.
Assignment Guidelines

Complete Part I of the assignment.
Address Part II in 3–4 pages:

Explain in detail how the following will be used in facial reconstruction:


What is odontology?
How is this process used in facial reconstruction?

Bone formation

What are the 3 primary cells that make up bone, and what is their function?
What information can be obtained from the skeleton with regard to growth?
How many bones are in the skull (face/head), and how are they important?


What are the major muscles in the face, and what do they control?
What can be learned about the identification of the person based on the muscles?

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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