*For Zeek* Lesser-known notable history paper

***This assignment CANNOT BE PLAGIARIZED.*** Must be submitted to a database that checks for plagiarism. If I don’t pass this assignment, I fail the course. ORIGINAL CONTENT ONLY! 

Must have scholarly resources of information including scholarly journals, books, etc. Reference page Included.
For this assignment you will write a 4 page essay in APA format (not including title page) and create a PowerPoint presentation of your essay.

         Investigate a minority (from the 1660s to present) who has had significant influence in shaping America, but has not been amply studied. They need to be a lesser-known individual who is a minority. 

Create an argument as to why you believe this group should be studied in U.S. history courses. Argue the reasons why you think their contribution to America should be noted and even celebrated.

Presentation (With Audio Narration): (I will narrate the content in the powerpoint you provide me.) Students will be given the opportunity to present the research found during their Notable Minority in History research project. 

Students will be assessed based on the relevance of their research, their persuasiveness of their presentation and the creativity of their presentation.

Rubric is Attached!! 

PLEASE READ and follow the Exemplary section in the rubric for the essay and powerpoint.