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Chapter 9
Read Chapter 9 and answer the following questions:
1.  List five (5) kinds of economic knowledge children should be able to do according to the National Council on Economic Education.
2.  Define economics.
3.  What economic concepts do children encounter on a daily basis?
4.  According to Piagetian theory, what are the three (3) stages of children’s economic understandings?
5.  List four (4) key concepts that teachers can introduce to young children.
6.  How can a teacher introduce scarcity to children?
7.  What does decision making have to do with scarcity?
8.  List four (4) concepts children can develop about economic production.
9.  List five (5) stages of store play from the simplest to the more complex.
10.  How can a teacher teach production and distribution of goods?
11.  Why should a teacher begin career education with young children?
12.  Explain each attitude:  toward self; toward work; toward sex roles.
13.  List essential skills that are hard skills and soft skills.
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