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I intend to use the attached checklist   Infant-Toddler+Environment+checklist.pdf   in a 2-year-old preschool room. I chose the location of this observation for two reasons. First, it is the preschool associated with the district that I teach in, and the children leaving the program directly feed into my building. Getting to know the background some of my students have from their toddler years will provide good information for me. Secondly, and on a personal note, my 2-year-old will be in this classroom next year, so I am very investing in knowing about this particular classroom environment.
I think this checklist addresses many developmentally appropriate practices we have been addressing and investigating in this course. I do not plan to adapt the checklist as I feel it is appropriate to the environment I will observe. I showed it to a family member who works in overseeing the GSRP programs in the county where I work and she said this is a checklist she has used in recent in some schools, so I know it is a trustworthy and relevant checklist.

The checklist   PreschoolEnvironmentchecklist.pdf  I plan to use for my classroom observation assignment, is called the ECERS (Early childhood Environment Rating Scale. This checklist is one that is required by my state’s Head Start program and explores all areas of the classroom environment to ensure that all equipment’s and materials are safe and age appropriate for the children it is being used for.
This checklist will be used to observe a Headstart classroom that serves children 3-5 years old. I will explore every aspect of this classroom from it furniture’s to its materials to see if it aligns with the NAEYC standards. Furthermore, I will be looking at the condition the environment is in as well as the arrangement. Also, I will observe the classroom teacher, and how she uses these materials and equipment to teach her class.

The Human Resources Management in the Leading Cruise Shipping Corporations article was very interesting.  The article was written by Joanna Kizielewicz and Professor Grazyna Wolska in 2017.   The source was from the Proceedings of the International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning; 2017, p237-244, 8p.
I learned that the leading cruise shipping corporations’ human resources management team is implementing strategic planning to recruit and develop their employees.
The company comprised a long-term broad plan for goals and strategies.  The research findings showed that various models of human resources management are applied by shipping corporations.  Their shape is influenced by different factors.  They evaluate legal effects on the industry, social issues, and economic factors like competition as well as technical solutions like recent innovations.
Management determines employee development paths including training and creates employees’ relationships. They incorporate recruiting processes, search and develop talented employees in the organization, determine their employee’s competence and responsibilities by examining their strengths and weakness.  Cruise shipping corporations create thousands of jobs for employees both in offices located in the coastal regions and cruise seaports and on aboard of cruise ships. 
This article relates to this unit’s topic because it gives an example of a corporations strategic planning.  It evaluates all factors that could influence their models of human resources management.  Management is involved in developing its employees and determining their strengths and weaknesses.
The results of the study may be a helpful source of knowledge for those interested in cruise ship tourism development.

The article I chose was “Bridging Operational, Strategic and Project Management Information Systems for Tactical Management Information Provision.” The authors are Renata Nechkoska, Geert Poels, and Gjorgji Manceski. This article was published in 2015. You can go to the Purdue library and look up this article.
Strategic management is what I would call the protein of the business. It is the framework that balances the whole system. It keeps everything organized. Operational Management is what I would call the vegetable of the business. It keeps up with attention and information. Tactical Management is what I would call the fruit of the business. It keeps everything in check. It makes sure all areas are run like they are supposed to run.
I have learned that the topic we are learning about it all over and is easier to read about in the information we have in our class than in the articles we find online. I had to read and reread to understand the article that I chose. I feel it relates to this unit’s topic because we are talking about strategic, operational, and tactical management.

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