Module 3 – Assignment: Submit Research Paper Topic         

Review the research paper instructions carefully and then submit a summary of your chosen macroeconomic topic and proposed outline of your idea for your paper.Additional GuidanceFor this first step in developing your term paper, you are to choose a topic.  In order to write a quality term paper, there must be sufficient information available in quality publications on which to base your paper.  So, in addition to your topic, include at least four (4) current (within the one year) articles from authoritative sources (more on sources below).  For each article, list the article in APA style as it will appear in your reference list.  Next summarize in one or two paragraphs the important points that you believe will be useful in your final paper.  Write in your own words; do not copy and paste from the article. Objective, authoritative and accurate descriptions of the chosen topic are provided in academic journal articles, financial and economic publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and the Economist, and in industry-specific publications.  The best newspapers are also good sources.  The New York Times and the Washington Post are examples.  Smaller newspapers usually do not employ journalists trained in economics and finance, so accuracy often suffers.  Websites may be used for some background information, but are not acceptable as listed sources for this first assignment. Academic journals and publications such as the Wall Street Journal are usually not available for free in a web search.  However, all of these publications are available from the Hunt Library electronic databases.  ProQuest is the largest database and will contain most of the publications needed for this project.  Some industry publications may be exceptions.  To access ProQuest and other databases, click on the Hunt Library tab on the course menu or the ERNIE homepage.  From the Hunt Library page, select find Research Databases.  Next scroll down or use the alphabetical selection on the top menu to find ProQuest.  Within ProQuest, use one of the several search methods to locate articles of interest.  It’s often helpful to search first for the Publication, then do a search within the publication.  The Hunt Library has tutorial available.  Under Help, select Library Basic Training, then Start Library Basic Training.Finally, develop a short outline as you currently envision your paper.  This will, of course, evolve as your paper develops.