For BILL TUTOR only (Read Carefully)

The third and final part of the case study is due at the end of Unit. You will create a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over. This voice-over will be completed by myself. The voice-over will be the narrative you would be presenting as if this were a live presentation.

In addition to the requirements for the Unit 4 Case Part 2, the Unit 5 Case PPT will require additional content. CC11 from the textbook, Part 1 (a) is a new requirement. Incorporate your answers to those three questions. This has been added to the CCforassignment attachment.

The PowerPoint presentation must include a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 14 slides. The first slide must be a title slide, and the final slide must be your reference list. The audio presentation itself (voice-over) should be 10 – 12 minutes long. Once again, I will do the audio.

In addition to recording the voice-over, the text (or “Script”) of your voice-over must be written into the “Notes” section of each slide. You are to provide these speaker notes in all your slides so the voice-over can be completed. Proper grammar and spelling will be an important part of the assignment.

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