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 Task 4

Read the attached “Shore & More Bicycles Case Study” before completing this task.


You are the new IT team member of Shore & More Bicycles and have been asked by the chief information officer (CIO) to research a comprehensive new IT system. The company is expected to double in size within four years.

Shore & More Bicycles is a U.S. based import/export company with many of its products coming from suppliers in Asia. The system you propose should include technology that can grow with the business (scalable) and support its total operations, including customer Internet orders, retail store operations, supplier orders and communications, and internal operations.

Taking into consideration current and emerging technology, you will provide a report to your CIO in which you recommend and justify an IT system overhaul. This report will address all relevant issues (i.e., hardware, software, system support, human resource needs) as well as provide proper documentation for concerned stakeholders. 

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