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 Question 1
What types of poems are you attracted to and why  your responses are not limited? 

Question 2

What are some of the reasons to use forms for poems such as pantoum, villanelle, sonnet, sestina? What are lines, turns, and stanzas and how can we use them?  
What do you think of TS Eliot’s quote? When forced to work within a strict framework the imagination is taxed to its utmost — and will produce its richest ideas. Given total freedom the work is likely to sprawl. — t. s. eliot

Question 3
Watch the TED Talks video, “Billy Collins: Everyday Moments, Caught in Time.”
Reflect on what he says about a project where several of his poems were turned into animated films.
Discuss the following: What did you think about the poems as they were told with animation? Explain.

Question 4
Resource: The Complete Guide to Lesson Planning and Preparation in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.
Create a lesson plan for students based on a concept from this class. Use the information shared and suggested in the Lesson Plan discussions in Weeks 1–3 and the Lesson Plan Worksheet that is attached to guide you.
Include the following:Worksheet is uploaded below

Mathematics concept and state standard(s) that addresses that specific concept
Exact wording of the specific standard(s) addressed in the lesson
Explanation of the lesson activities and outcomes, including any formative and summative assessments and/or authentic performance tasks
Explanation of the manipulatives and how they are used
Technology, Could be a website that provides a game or practice for your students, must include.

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