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Practice with Observation as an Assessment Method 250 wods in length
Imagine again that you are the owner of a home childcare center with one full time teaching assistant. Your assistant has been working in the field of early education for many years, but has not had the opportunity to assess and document child progress. You have set up several training sessions with this staff member using a video for observation and assessment. You both watch the video “Physical Development in Early Childhood” together and choose one child to observe and document these findings.
Physical Development in Early Childhood: Pearson. Retrieved from

Explain the importance of direct observation to your assistant who has not had experience with observation and assessment. Give specific examples of why it is important to conduct objective observations of young children.
Which child did you choose to observe and document motor development?
Choose one method of observation (anecdotal record, running record, time sampling, event sampling, checklist or rating scale), then discuss and defend the observation method you used.
What did you learn about the child’s physical development from observing and documenting this video?
What other observation method could you have used?
You have no information about the children in the video. What additional information do you need to know in order to evaluate this child?

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