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topic: Market Structures
 Part One:
Pick one of firms listed below. Determine what type of firm and market structure. Is it a monopoly, oligopoly or monopolistic competitive. You must support your answer with what you have learned in economics, and provide researched information to support your decision. How does the market structure you determined compare to perfect competition? 

American Airlines
Microsoft operating system

Part Two:
Draw a graph showing the market structure you have stated in Part One, the graph needs to be inserted within the paper. You should find information about the profits of the company. The graph should reflect  the firm”s current  earnings  but does not need to be number specific. See the profit graphs in the textbook.   The graph should be clearly label. If the graph is hand drawn then it must be done with a ruler. No photographs of graphs. Graphs are to be original, they are not to be copied from any source.   Include a paragraph which describes the graph and explains the firms earnings. Bar graphs, circle graphs and the PPF are not appropriate graphs for this part

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  When using the free-cash flow model, cash flows are discounted at the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) and when using the dividend discount model, dividends are discounted at….

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