Football Coach

Football Coach.
Football Coach As the sun rises to its highest peak of the day, the local high school team starts heading to the dry dirt filled football field. As the athletes make their way to the field the dust rises and the smell of the soil hits their nose. The athletes continuing their daily ritual, get into their usual formations and start their warm ups. The head coach, Shane Cox, walks around and initiates small talk with the players. Shane Cox inherited the head position at Fairfax High School in 1999.
He turned around a football program that hasn’t won a single football game in two years; Shane Cox has won two Los Angeles Division II City Championships in the past decade. Serving for more than 13 years, Coach Cox has contributed a lot of his time and effort into this program at Fairfax High School. A high school coach has to work additional hours during the sports season. This can result in a work week over 40 hours. Working nights, holidays, evenings and weekends are common for high school coaches.
A high school coach has to be prepared to work in bad weather and be willing to travel with the team to different locations for games. They also run the risk of injury due to being on the sidelines during sports games. Although Coach Cox’s accomplishments for coaching are impressive, his accomplishments off the field are impressive as well. A football coach’s job is to not only improve his player athletically, but as a person as well.

Football Coach

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