Food Cultures Past and Present and Future

Food Cultures Past and Present and Future. The instructions for the first part are attched here but i have also attached the entire project instructions in the “Additional materials” Write a paper (double-spaced and proof-read) answering the questions below, or as many as are relevant to your region. Note which sources, including websites, were the source of specific information in the paper.

Food Cultures Past and Present and Future

i) Intro: Which country and region did you choose? Why did you choose it?

ii) Geography: Where is the country/region located? On which continent is it located? Describe its physical geography (climate, main mountains, rivers, oceans, etc…). Are any of these geographical features a major tourist attraction? Where are the two most populous cities located?

iii) Culture: What are the main cultural groups living there? What are the main languages and religions of this area? Is the culture of this part of the world famous for anything in particular (type of specific foods, dress, music, film, or artwork, for example).

iiii) Political Culture: Describe the government of the country. Are the human rights of all groups in the country protected legally? Do the countries in this region have a written constitution? Do citizens vote? Do men and women have equal rights?

v) Economic Culture: What is the main source of income for this country? How important is agriculture to its economy and what are the main crops? What is the poverty rate for different parts of the country? What are the main jobs available to its people? What is the currency of the country(ies) in the region?

vi) Conclusion: What seem to be the major challenges of this country? What more do you want to know about this country (you MUST have at least three questions). Synthesizing all this information, what do you think are some of the most interesting aspects of the food culture of this country, and what would you like to focus on for the rest of your GPS 120 Global Food Cultures Project?

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