Fixed and Growth Mindsets

Fixed and Growth Mindsets

Fixed and Growth Mindsets

This discussion post provides you space to learn more about the concepts of Growth and Fixed Mindsets and how they relate to your own experience as a student and the transitions you may encounter in your life.

This assignment relates to the following course outcomes:

Identify characteristics of successful international students
Establish social connections with cohort of international students

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Review the information on Fixed and Growth Mindsets from the PowerPoint.
Watch the “Power of Belief” video: The Power of Belief – Eduardo Briceno.mp4

Length (Minimum of TWO Paragraphs) for Each Response to a Discussion Question(s): 14 Points Total:
Wrote a minimum of TWO paragraphs and responded to the following questions. (14pts)
What is one thing from the “Power of Belief” video that you would want to share with others? (3.5pts.)
What is the key “take-away” message (main point) from this video? (3.5pts.)
What are the differences in thought patterns between someone with a “Fixed Mindset” and a “Growth Mindset?” (3.5pts.)
How might these concepts assist you as a student and in your life transitions (beyond your first quarter in college)? (3.5pts.)


What are the key differences between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset?

Fixed and Growth Mindsets
Fixed and Growth Mindsets
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