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First off, you put in some good effort and it shows. A few suggestions: You organize your paper well and worked to address all of the questions, however, I do not see how you relate what you write to the film all of the time. For example, you talk about race and intersectionality, but in an abstract way and not for what the film shows (or doesn’t show) and what it says about relationship. Also, I do not understand what you mean about something being paid for in favors right after intersectionality. Are you confused on that? 

Go through again and make sure there is an overall discussion of the film in this regard and whether you agree or disagree with what the movie is saying about relationships. When you mention voyeurism and pornography, explain how that comes up in the movie as an issue. 

Also– this is a very confusing paragraph so consider editing it to be more clear:
In a sexual relationship, there has been the issue of gender equality. To realistic, there is no way roles can be defined in a sexual relationship, and then you find that, there is gender equality. This means that, there is that disparity when it comes to gender issues. Males are perceived to be stronger than females therefore, take heave duties and responsibilities. Since the females are taken to be weaker creatures, they are delegated easy roles in the relationship like ensuring everything is happening as planned by the two partners. Also, ensuring that, when it comes to food, there are no complains. 

I think if you worked at answering the suggestions above while using the material in the book to support them, you would be in much better shape.

Thank you for your hard work!

I hope this helps!

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