Five Levels of Analytical Capability

Five Levels of Analytical Capability

The role of analytics has recently taken its place in the health care community. In this discussion, you will share your understanding of how the five levels of analytical capability will affect the two major areas of fiscal and operational, and clinical and patient safety. Additionally, be sure to address the following:

What are the IBM 5 stages of the analytical maturity model explain in detail?

Based on your reading assignments include some of the defining descriptive and predictive analytics that will affect the future of “big data” in health care. Considering the current factors affecting the future of analytics in health care may be related to meaningful use, the accountable care organizations (ACO), and the protection of patient privacy. Based on your assessment, provide a glimpse of what the future of healthcare analytics may look like.

Required Resources
Davenport, T., & McNeill, D. (Ed). (2014). Analytics in healthcare and the life sciences: Strategies, implementation, methods, and best practices. Retrieved from

What are analytic capabilities?

Part I: An Overview of Provider, Payer, and Life Sciences Analytics – this section of the text provides a foundational understanding of all healthcare stakeholders and how each contribute to the industry. The section also covers the how data is examined and distributed to stakeholders. These textbook readings will provide assistance with the CSBI exam, discussion question two, and the assignment.
Berg, G. (2015). 3 ways big data is improving healthcare analytics (Links to an external site.). HealthcareIT News. Retrieved from

What do you mean by analytics maturity model?

Healthcare facilities are now trying to track trends and patterns from multiple sources in an effort to contain costs and drive effect quality patient care. The focus of this research article is to highlight the benefits of analytics in targeting, delivering, and collaborating programs to provide improved healthcare outcomes. This article will provide assistance with the CSBI exam, discussion question two and the assignment.

Healthcare Financial Management Association (Links to an external site.). (n.d.). Retrieved from

The Healthcare Financial Management Association is an organization of healthcare finance leaders that builds and supports coalitions with other healthcare associations and industry groups to face the challenges the U.S. healthcare system faces today.