Find a company and answer the question depends on HR

You will have an interview with a practicing HR professional (HR manager, HR specialist or any person who has responsibilities for the HR activities in the company) on all or  any of the HR functions (like training and development, recruitment etc.)
You  will report the following information which may serve as a guideline for their interviews:
· A brief information about the organization (Vision, mission, history, organization chart, field of operation, products, number of employees )
· A brief information about the Human Resource Department (Number of people employed, their positions, structure of the department)
Name/title of interviewee
Description of job duties
Years of experience
Previous positions
· After the above  background information is given , the anwers of the interviewee to the related questions you ask, will be written/organized in the essay form.(not as questions and answers form)
· Please refer to the lecture notes while preparing the questions  for the function or functions of HRM  you are going to examine during your interview  in the selected firm.
Examples for the questions you are going to ask during the interview :
· How do you determine your training needs?
· Do you have your own trainers or outsource your training activities?
· What are your main sources for recruitment?
· Do you have a formal performance appraisal system in your company?
The results of the interview will be handed in as a written report ( approx. 3-5   pages double-spaced) .

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