Financial Support Letter Example

The following is provided on behalf of (name) to support his petition to be considered an independent student. In January of 2012 1 became aware of (name) intention to attend school at The College of the Siskiyous in Weed, California. I also became aware of an unfortunate diminishing relationship between him and his parents and the impending affects that that relationship has and will continue to have on his efforts to pursue a college degree.
As a former teacher at Meade High School, where (name) graduated, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting this very poised young man. I believe he has turned his ife around and is determined to succeed both as a father and as a student. Our relationship grew to where he trusted me. I have received many calls where he talked about the struggles of being abandoned by his parents and left to survive on his own. I have continued to provide counsel and guidance on the importance and value of staying the course.
I applaud his courage attend a college, particularly one that is located across country from his hometown. While I know that he has been quite resourceful in obtaining the necessary financial support to meet his needs, this does not negate the fact that this s truly a young man who is struggling – and one with no assurance that money will be available to support his educational needs. (name) is an excellent athlete and quite capable of achieving excellence in the classroom.

Like everyone else, he deserves an opportunity to get a decent education. I believe we live in a society where “no child should be left behind,” particularly when it comes to education. Accordingly, I strongly believe that this child should no longer be left to fend for himself. Therefore, I strongly recommend that he be supported financially, to the greatest extent possible, in the furtherance of his education.

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