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M4S1 Read Chapter 6 of the “Pinson” textbook; read Chapter 16 of the “Abrams” textbook.
M4S2 Read Section IX & X of the SCORE Start-up Business Plan.
M4S3 Research the following topics using the IRSC Library and other resources: Profit & Loss Projections; Projected Cash Flow Statement; Opening Day Balance Sheet; Break Even Analysis.
M4S4 Study Quiz 4 Review.
M4S5 Explore other resources.

M4S2 Read Section IX & X of the SCORE Start-up Business Plan.Attached Files:     

 Business_Plan_for_a_Startup_Business_PDF.pdf (733.653 KB) 
M4A3 Rough Draft Financial Plan

Attached Files:

 3-Year_Cash_Flow_Projections.xls (5.398 MB)
 Balance_Sheet_Projected_1.xls (94.5 KB)
 Breakeven_Analysis2.xls (82 KB)
 Profit_Projection_3Yr_0 (1).xls (74.5 KB)
 Start-up Expenses_1_0.xls (38.5 KB)

Submit a rough draft Financial Plan for your Course Project.
Using the “Assumption Sheet” (page 300-302) and other applicable worksheets in Chapter 16 from the “Abrams” textbook, as well as the appropriate area of the “Pinson” textbook and the SCORE plan as a resource, complete the following financials*:
Start-up Expenses
Pro-forma Profit & Loss Form (36 mo.)
Projected Cash Flow Statement (36 mo.)
Projected Balance Sheet (36 mo.)
Break Even Analysis
Please review the Project Assignment Rubric

M4S3 SBM1000 LibGuideSBM1000 LibGuide (click “Business”)
APA Lib Guide (click “APA” button)

… or you are welcome to use a search engine (i.e. Google, etc.) to locate articles from popular business publications, such as: Enterpreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, USA Today Business Section, et
M4S5 Explore other perspectives.