Final exam exemption

For the following program: 
1) Create an algorithm called exemptAlgorithm.txt 
2) Create the source code called
3) Upload your algorithm and source code
You will be writing a program to determine whether or not a student is exempt from the final exam 
Your program should do the following:
• Prompt the user for a student’s average and number of days missed.  
 Input Validation:  
• Average must be between 0 and 100 
• Number of days missed cannot be less than 0.      
Be sure to validate each value separately! 

•  Use the following conditions to display a message indicating whether or not a student is exempt from the final exam.  If exempt, indicate why. 
o  Average is at least 96
o  Average is at least 93 and days missed are less than 3
o  Average is at least 90 and student has perfect attendance 
Grading Rubric:
Algorithm (5)   ______ 
Intro (1)    ______ 
Variables (1)   ______ 
     • Declaration 
     • Initialization 
Input Validation (3)  ______ 
Selection Structure (10) ______ 

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