Fight against gun control – Essay on 300 Words

Criminals will be criminals. Have you ever thought about this? No matter how you legally make something, criminals will still find a way to get it. Marijuana has been illegal for years and people have still found ways to get a hold of it and smoke it.
Now let’s talk about guns. If someone were to break into your house armed with let’s say a 9 mil, what would you do? You’re going to want to protect yourself, right? Well, how can you do that when you’re against having guns in your house? The criminal isn’t going to say oh I guess this is a gun-free zone I better go get a knife instead. No, life doesn’t work that way. The armed person is going to be “yes”. This is just like shooting ducks in a barrel they can’t defend themselves in any way.
Many of us have some aspirations and wishes for our country that we desire to fulfill and some changes to bring about, but we feel that we have little say in getting those things done. This is because of our limited power as citizens of the country.Each of us has our rights and responsibilities as citizens of the country which we ought to remember and abide by. But privileges and power to bring amendments to the policies and laws in the country are held with the higher authorities like the President.

Thinking of me as the president, one of the things that I would like to fight against is the gun control, because if you think about it, they just talk about the bad things that happen with guns, but they never show the good side. There was a study conducted at Harvard University. They have found that countries with more guns have less crime than those that have fewer guns. Because guns aren´t the only things that can kill people, they can save us.

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