Feminist Approaches to International Relations

Feminist Approaches to International Relations. Feminist IR seeks to challenge the complete absence of acknowledgment of women from international affairs. Women for a long time have been marginalized from decision making and the basic assumption is that their day to day activities have no effect on international relations.  Feminist IR scholars argue that both women and men have a role in global politics and their role is significant in understanding various aspects of the society.

The initial basic contribution of feminists was making women visible and routinely discussing gender violence. Consequently, the international system has accepted that gender violence is practiced all around the world hence the need to address it from a global perspective. Moreover, gender violence is not related to any particular economic or political system. Scholars have also indicated that the kind of violence that women experience in private is equivalent to the violence they face in public and during the war.

Feminist Approaches

Therefore, it is unfortunate that women lack the same political, economic, and social rights as men yet the prevalence of violence are visible in every corner. Violence against women should be addressed as part of promoting peace and stability in the world. However, most countries present the state of their nation as politically stable yet women experience violence every day.

A feminist approach to IR states that gender is significant in shaping interaction between states and nations. However, despite the feminists’ efforts, women have had little influence on international politics and their efforts have been treated as not worthy of investigation. Feminist scholars argue that international politics lack feminist ideas because men dominate international politics hence only men have the power of making certain decisions in international policies.

There is a need to change the way politics are conducted from all around the world since decisions on international relations deepened on assumptions and ideas of men’s experience. Notably, feminist scholars claim that feminist contributions to international relations are not basically about having women in politics but rather adding a deeper understanding and representation of human experience.

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