Feedback 2 page ( read everything carefully please)

In our course text, David Nicol (as cited in Svinicki & McHeachie, 2014, p.109) explains, “There is no such thing as good teaching without good feedback”. As an instructor, you will be providing feedback to students on a continual basis. Many instructors keep a tip sheet or checklist handy while grading. For this assignment, you will create a tip sheet or checklist of your own in a word document that:


Describe at least five features of good written feedback with short explanation that includes at least one in-text cited reference.

Explain, using at least five examples, how to modify feedback to meet the needs of diverse learners that includes at least one in-text cited reference of support.

Outline, with examples, the seven types of feedback with examples of each.

Written Communication:

Syntax and Mechanics: Exhibit meticulous use of grammar, spelling, organization, and usage throughout your submission.

Source Requirement: Reference at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course textbook in order to provide compelling evidence to support your ideas.

Page Requirement: Your submission must be two pages in length excluding a title and reference page.

APA format: All in text citations, page format and references must be written in APA 6th edition format.

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