Family Wellness Assessment Instructions

Family Wellness Assessment Instructions. Utilize communication skills to perform a comprehensive family assessment on a chosen family.
Apply principles of health learned from Personal Health Assessment to a family unit.
Assess the health of a family.
Construct a culturally appropriate health-promoting plan for the family.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the plan.
This assignment will assist the student to meet the following course objectives and Program Student Learning Outcomes (in parenthesis):

Utilize credible resources for health promotion and disease prevention standards and guidelines. (Student Learning Outcomes 1, 3, 4, 5,& 6)
Examine comprehensive contributing elements including physiological, psychosocial, and socio-economic factors that impact individual, family, and population health. (Student Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, & 8)
Apply behavioral change strategies for individuals, families and populations. (Student Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 4, 5, & 6)
Synthesize assessment data to develop a culturally-sensitive comprehensive health promotion plan for individuals, families, and populations using evidence-based recommendations, information, and (Student Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8)
This assignment requires an initial assessment and a two week follow up. The student will need to allow time for this process.

Family Wellness Assessment Instructions

For this assignment, each student will perform a comprehensive assessment of a family and prepare a culturally appropriate health-promoting plan. Select a neighboring family or acquaintance. The selected family may NOT be a member of the student’s family, his/her spouse’s family, nor persons who live in his/her household. Depending on the student’s community agency, it might be possible to choose a family from the agency. Select a family that has unhealthy habits that would benefit from the student’s intervention. Schedule a time with the family for the initial interview and a follow-up one or two weeks later.

Conduct a family assessment by interviewing two or more members of the family. Plan about two hours to complete the entire interview. It would be ideal for the student to visit the family’s home where he/she can make personal observations about the environment and lifestyle. The student will need to schedule a follow-up time with the family for one or two weeks later.

This assessment follows the nursing process.

Assess: Ask the questions (Complete the form and create the genogram)
Nursing Diagnosis: Formulate a professional plan (SMART Goals)
Plan: Formulate a plan for the family (Research for best practices and behavioral change strategies)
Implement: Allow the family time to work with the suggestions
Evaluate: One or two week follow-up with the family to discuss their progress (Evaluate to see progress)
The student will also construct a computer generated family genogram that extends at least three (3) generations and includes health conditions, diseases, gender with a key to decode the symbols used.

To complete this assignment:

Review the grading rubric.
Use the required Template for Family Wellness Assessment. It streamlines the process and helps reduce the writing involved.
Follow the information the template provides the student.
Complete the chart with identifying data on all members living in the household. Please preserve privacy. Use initials or first names only. The student may add rows to the table or delete rows as necessary.
Complete the tables in the template. As the student types, the rows will expand to allow content. The student may need to add rows in some tables.
Follow the instructions within the template for the information to include in narrative form.
There should be an introductory and conclusion paragraph.
Be sure to include a thoughtful reflection.
Include references properly cited in APA format.
Include the computer-generated genogram for the family. The student may use the template provided for the genogram or create his/her own. Be sure to include a key for the symbols used.

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