Family Genogram

Family Genogram.

“A genogram can serve both as an assessment tool and as an intervention strategy. Information gathered through a genogram can be classified as demographic, functional status/resources, and critical events/dynamic changes” (Herth, 1989). A genogram is a tool that can be used by nurses to provide a comprehensive, holistic picture of the client and his environment (Herth, 1989). The genogram provides a highly organized and easy method of gathering information about Ahmed’s family.
Family Ecomap
“Eco-maps can be particularly useful in working with migrant and refugee families to get a detailed picture of their social and family relationships and/or to map areas of isolation or disconnection that may need to be addressed” (Strong Bonds, 2009). Ecomaps serve as a useful tool for assessment of Ahmed’s family, their social and community relationships and the quality of this connection.

Integrated Family Assessment and Intervention Model
“Integrated Family Assessment and Intervention Model (IFAIM), a multi-systemic, collaborative, strength-based, and family-focused in-home approach which is designed to assess and to support multi-challenged poor families, commonly known as multi-problem families, at psychosocial risk, with maltreated or neglected children” (Melo & Alarcão, 2011). It integrates clinical, educational, social, community and forensic concerns, and practices under a systemic, narrative, and collaborative umbrella (Melo & Alarcão, 2011)
Priorities of the Family

Improving the quality of life of Mr. Ahmed who is affected with schizophrenia.

Promoting hope, optimism, and the pursuit of recovery goals are core to enhance the quality of life in Schizophrenia clients were the family needs to remain optimistic and to nurture the belief that recovery is possible which is critical to ensure the quality of life (Martin, 2009). Support of the family is essential for Mr. Ahmed to attain a qualitative life. Therefore family members need to be taught the importance to understand the illness, build support and learn to cope. Ahmed family should be supported & education should be provided to improve their capacity to remain hopeful and cope with illness.
Medications are important for recovery. However, medications alone do not create the quality of life and a broader focus should be given on other elements that improve the quality of life (Martin, 2009). Therefore, Ahmed needed to be provided with Learning and coping skills to address the everyday challenges of schizophrenia which would help him to pursue his goals, such as attending college or work.
“Peer support is emotional and is practical support between two people who share a common experience, such as a mental health challenge or illness” (Canadian Mental Health Association, 2018). Nurse’s role in improving the quality of life includes encouraging Ahmed in peer support groups which would help him to find a meaning of his illness, feel a sense of connection, empowered and help to overcome self- stigma.

Decreasing and eliminating the stress of the family members and guiding them in achieving emotional stability.

“Financial stress is the subjective, unpleasant feeling that one is unable to meet financial demands, afford the necessities of life and have sufficient funds to make ends meet (Davis & Mantler, 2004). Ahmed’s earnings were put together to meet the needs of the family but now he is not capable to work anymore due to his psychotic illness and he became dependent with most of his personal need.
It is a huge burden for the family to meet their needs without the earnings from Ahmed which leads to great financial insecurity and emotional instability. Social and financial support can be provided to the family by referring them to the community care centers or to support programs that offer free services to the client. Providing the family with the appropriate support that they need would help to eliminate the priority issues which includes financial problems.

Family Genogram

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