Factors that help or hinder learning in organization

Factors that help or hinder learning in organization

Learning in an organization involve the participation f all the individual with the organization in identifying and solving problems to ensure the organization experiment new features and ideas for growth and achievement of is set objectives. There are various factors that hep in learning processes within an organization which include sharing of the organizations goals and objectives with the employees and having a dynamic leadership system. However, funding of training and learning process and limited advancement positions hinders learning in organizations.

Sharing a company’s goals and objectives

Sharing a company’s goals and objectives Ensures that employees in the organization are aware of the requirements and skills needed in achieving the company’s set objectives. This therefore ensures willingness and openness in learning new skills and techniques aimed at improving service delivery and well as quality improvement (Al-Emran and Vitaliy). The employees are also allowed to set  a mission that drives them towards achieving the set standard therefore increasing the employees loyalty and commitment as they feel they are part if the ownership of the organization.

Dynamic leadership

Learning in organizations is more successful when there are role models and leader who constantly remind others of the need for learning change as well as the relation between the learning g outcomes and the organization (Gbollie and Harriet). These leaders create an environment of change and their commitment towards the change fosters the learning processes of participants.


On the other hand, funding hinders learning in organization as training requires monetary funding and some companies are unwilling to incur the extra costs which the try to minimize (Gbollie and Harriet).



In conclusion, learning is crucial in organizations as it ensures provision of necessary skills and techniques in provisions of its products. Learning is fostered by sharing of goals and objectives of the organization and having a leadership system that encourages change and growth. The cost of learning and training however hinders the organizations from embracing the learning processes.







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