Factors Influencing a child’s Ability to Read

Factors Influencing a child’s Ability to Read


The capability of a child to develop reading and learning skills is dependent of various factors which impact on the development during the growth process. The capacity to read can be dependent on genetics, predisposition, and personal traits. The can be dependent on external factors such their environment and personal experience. This essay seeks to explore the factors that influence the child’s ability to read.

Research has shown that children become emerging pre-readers by focusing on the skill that lead to them acquiring reading skills. Later they become novice readers by associating letters with sound which are printed or spoken. This underscores how external experiences may lead to a child developing reading skills.


What are the factors influence reading readiness?


Culture is a factor that influences a child’s reading ability. Socio cultural factors can either be neutral, positive or negative and teachers need to pay attention to such cultural cues. Socio economic status of the child also impacts on their level of vocabulary since high income status students are able to access early childhood programs that can boost their capacity to learn more vocabularies (Waterford.Org, 2019).  Another cultural factor that may impact a child’s ability to read is whether they are learning to read a second language. Initially English-speaking students may not have any difficulty reading English language. Thus, where a child has achieved a bilingual status, they develop a cognitive advantage that increases their fluency to read.

What are the factors of reading difficulties?


Noteworthy, developmental condition such as dyslexia is a common reading disability that affects approximately 20% of learners (Waterford.Org, 2019). However, researchers have not discovered a single gene that can be attributed to this condition.  It is simply a combination of genetics and how the brain synthesizes words.

In conclusion it is evident that a child’s ability to read is mainly influenced by external factors such as environment culture and socio-economic stats. Genetics and other internal factors do not have significant impacts on a child’s capability to read.


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