FACEBOOK EFFECT ON STUDENTS. Ensure there is an introduction to your research topic, including your motivations and any prior assumptions or knowledge of your topic

· A brief statement about why you think this topic is worth researching and what you hope to learn about this topic through your research.

·Provide a clear idea of who you are as the writer and why you are interested in learning more about this topic. And why this topic should matter to your audience” (important)

· Establish your audience: You are free to determine who your reader/s will be. You could write this paper for someone who is completely new to the topic or someone who is already familiar with it. Depending on who your audience might be, you will have to figure out what kind of background information you will need to provide.

· A preliminary thesis statement/central argument. This does not need to be definitive because your main argument will change as you continue to work on your paper, but for this draft, your thesis statement should have a point-of-view/stance that you will continually reference throughout your essay.

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