Extra credit, three paper, 2 pages each.

Watch one of the following documentaries (you can watch up to 3 max) and write a 2 page double-
spaced commentary on it. Make sure to include all the following details: what was the documentary 
about? Who produced it? How did it relate to our class (Renaissance and Reformation)? What was 
something surprising you learned? Do you think the documentary was successful in presenting the topic 
it discussed? Why? 
Documentary Options
1.PBS Martin Luther 

2. The Anatomical Drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci
3. The Plague
4. The Medici Makers of Modern Art
5. Bloody Mary (British Monarchy Documentary)
6. Inside the Body of King Henry VIII

7. Mankind the History of All of us – New World

8. The Syphilis Enigma 

9. Hidden Killers of the Tudor Home

10. Elizabeth’s Pirates