Exploratory/Informative Are Aliens real?

Exploratory/Informative Are Aliens real? Many of us have had fantasies regarding the existence of aliens and even heard some unbelievable stories but it is still yet to be proven that aliens exist. In movies, for example, they show all sorts of hoaxes and mischief which mimic the aliens simply to catch the viewers’ attention and keep them entertained. However, even in the absence of clear proof concerning the existence of aliens, many skeptics have argued that paying a keen interest to spot uncommon signals would definitely trace back to the discovery of aliens. Additionally, it is undeniable that there many strange things which have happened yet gone unexplained. This paper, therefore, examines both sides of the debate regarding the existence of aliens and proposes that more research is conducted to establish the truth on the matter.

Exploratory/Informative Are Aliens real?. The emergence of reports regarding alien encounters and the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) show that even the most unlikely of things are possible. The presence of government investigations and amateur research on the subject is, therefore, not surprising. Even so, the historical skepticism with which scientists have approached the topic reveals the extent to which they dismiss ufology as pseudoscience (Eghigian 622). On their part, believers in UFO existence view academic science as inaccurate as far as ufology is concerned. Compelling evidence from revealing patterns of activity that simultaneous observations record suggest that the argument of UFO existence is plausible. Sightings indicate that the unidentified structured craft display flight capabilities that supersede human technology. 

Exploratory/Informative Are Aliens real?

The detection of objects that move like planes confirms the perspective of ufologists regarding UFO existence. Such is in line with Nare and Pinduka(Nare and Pinduka 16)’s arguments that radars have been able to pick out such objects that have proven not to be planes. Human technology has thus recorded through visual radars reinforce the belief in the existence of UFOs. The gadgets, as sighted, are deemed to defy the laws of physics. Reports indicate that the material picked move at up to 400 kph, a challenging speed on the surface (Nare and Pinduka 17). The speed of the sighted UFOs also records instances where the objects disappear and appear at different points within an incredibly short moment. The descriptions offered typically illustrate tremendous acceleration at levels exceeding what human technology can explain. By way of example, there is a report of 62 school children from Arial primary in Zimbabwe who claimed to have observed humanoids and UFOs (Nare and Pinduka 19). Their description of round and silver objects shaped like a saucer suggests the existence of UFOs is real. The extraordinary speed at which the objects disappear and reappear from one point to another thus reinforces the argument of individuals that believe in UFOs’ existence. Data gathered on the Ariel encounter confirms beyond doubt that the children’s report was not false. American filmmaker Randall Nickerson even verified the claims by visiting Southern Africa as a form of follow up (NareandPinduka 20). Considering the children who witnessed the occurrence are scattered around the world, interviews with them unearth similar statements thus reinforcing their claim. Hence, the consistency in the account of the event dispels the suspicion of information manipulation about what happened in 1994. In essence, the idea that the Ariel event narrative coincides with other people’s descriptions of encounters with UFOs in other regions validates their existence.

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